Coatings & Paints & Inks


1.Purpose and Significance of sliane in Coatings & Paints & Inks. 

Silane is the most important additives (adhesion promoters) to improve the adhesion of coating, adhesives, and sealants to all kinds of substrates;

Silane can create covalent bonds between inorganic and organic compounds. The inherent stability of the siloxane (Si-O-Si) bond makes this technology a key component in high-performance paints and coatings.

Silane brings the following benefits to coatings:Abrasion resistance,Adhesion,Flow,Thermal stability and durability

,Pigment and filler dispersion,UV resistance,Water and chemical resistance,etc.


2.Silane coupling agent and their reaction theories.

Silane coupling agent is this kind of materials which are usually have two different groups on themselves’ ends. One end’s groups have the chemical action or physics action with the surface of reinforcement, while the other end’s groups can react with base materials, so that well bond the reinforcement with substrate to get the good bonding between interfaces and improve many respects of functions and effectively resist water.

Organicfunctional silane is a kind of surface treating agent with many different and effective kinds and it’s normal chemical structure is RnSiX4-n.


3.The filers which can be treated by silane.

White carbon black (gas phase method and precipitation)

glass beads

quartz sand

talc, mica




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